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"...A wonder of this kind I experienced as a child... the most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible." - Albert Einstein

About our Genogram and Ecomap software

Our Windows genogram software automatically generates genograms from text input. Using a series of pulldown menus and dialog boxes, you can enter a variety of demographic, biological, emotional, relationship, process, household and event and other descriptive information about each member of a family. With a simple click of the mouse, the genogram is automatically generated and displayed on the screen. You can easily scroll around the diagram, decide what specific information to include in the genogram, adjust the diagram scale, select font styles, and more. You can then print all or part of the genogram graphic, in a variety of sizes, on your printer. Our software uses complete and standard genogram conventions for biological and emotional processes and relationships. In addition, it makes available additional features that empower the user further-Not only can the user easily move directly back and forth between the genogram and an ecomap generated by our companion software, but our innovation, Multiprocess Time Travel, allows users to become enlightened time travelers by depicting the genogram of a family at any point in the past, present or future--turning a personal computer into a time machine that can update and record change as well as trace history, to increase awareness by depicting multidimensional interactive past, present and even potential futures in the life of a family. Our genogram software has an extremely easy user interface, and comes with a comprehensive User's Guide, with detailed description and key to the genogram symbols. The Standard Individual and Institutional versions also come with an extensive set of utilities including the abiltiy to print a textual summary of the family information to a printer or disk file, the ability to generate a dated family event/information chronology to a printer or disk file, ASCII data import/export features, the ability to import family information from genealogy software, and the ability to export family member demographic information to an ecomap file for use with our ecomap software that diagrams community. Our software is affordably priced, so everyone can experience the wonder of family process.

Our ecomap software has a user interface similar to our genogram software (described above), and automatically generates ecomaps, displaying them on the screen and allowing them to be printed in different sizes and orientations, with the ability to include/exclude selected items. Our software uses standard ecomap symbology to represent community systems and energy flow, and also includes both the ability to travel back and forth between the ecomap and genograms generated by our companion genogram software, and Multiprocess Time Travel to update and explore the interactive and multidimensional past, present and potential futures of a family and its community. The software comes with a comprehensive User's Guide, with detailed description and key to the ecomap symbols. The Standard Individual and Institutional versions also come with an extensive set of utilities including the abiltiy to print a textual summary of the family information to a printer or disk file, the ability to generate a dated event/information chronology to a printer or disk file, ASCII data import/export features, and the ability to export family member demographic information to a genogram file for use with our genogram software that creates intergenerational family diagrams. The software is affordably priced, so all can experience the awareness of community in the life of a family.

Our new versions make the creation and updating of complex process genogramming and ecomapping even easier and more convenient for clinicians and client families, welcoming the caregiver into the heart and soul of the human experience itself: ongoing multidimensional and interactional process over time. They powerfully expand the Multiprocess Time Travel features of our earlier versions, and allow the user to move between the family and the community contexts; that is, between the genogram and ecomap and back again, with ease. The enhanced User's Guides fully prepare the user, both conceptually and practically, for the unforgettable experience this software makes possible. Users will appreciate the on-line help, toolbar shortcut buttons, enhanced multi-display print-preview and printing capabilities, and the unique combination of other features that the software provides.

About our New Version

We are now shipping Versions 3.0 of RELATIVITY(TM) and ECOTIVITY(TM)

We are pleased to announce the release of Version 3.0 of both our genogram and ecomap software. Building on the features of Version 2.1 and our earlier versions, these upgrades for 32-bit Windows Systems even further empower clinicians and caregivers worldwide to utilize technology to assist interactive depiction and understanding of family and community systems. We welcome your feedback and wish-list requests as always, and invite you to grow and travel in time with us, and check our web page periodically for news and updates. We strive to design and offer our software with the living system of caregivers and clients foremost in our thoughts.

A Brief Summary of Important New Features of our Genogram Software:

  1. Software rewritten for 32-bit Windows
  2. Right click on a person symbol on the genogram display
    now takes you directly to their member information
  3. Added "Auto" Travel options - you can now sit and watch
    the family genogram automatically travel in time as a
    diagrammatic "motion picture" journey
  4. New "half filled" person symbols
  5. Added foster symbol (old adopted symbol) and changed
    adopted to new symbol to comport with recent changes in
    diagramming standards.
  6. Previous spouses of previous spouses now supported
  7. Genograms can now be titled.
  8. Added international date formats for all dating and time
    travel features and calculations
  9. Dates can now include "." and "-" as well as "/" for separators
  10. Added ability to choose a selected group of people in a
    family when generating chronology and member information reports and prints.
  11. Printing now sensitive to higher screen resolutions
  12. Software can now be configured to accommodate
    genograms larger than 200 people.
  13. Two digit year handling updated
  14. Auto assist feature enhanced
  15. Added option to display full birth and death dates if desired
  16. Software Now handles "long" family names
  17. Changed household colors to more versatile and visible
    selections and added color indicators to household editing pages.
  18. New installation adds uninstall, 32-bit compatibility.
  19. Can select member by typing ID in Family Member List
  20. Can automatically locate a member on the Genogram Display
  21. "Offset" indicators in status bar panes now sensitive to
    screen resolution
  22. Significant Relationships can now accommodate full MM/DD/YYYY dates.
  23. Software now takes full advantage of computer's memory
  24. Margin adjustments enhanced
  25. Several other minor adjustments...

A Brief Summary of Important New Features of our Ecomap Software:

  1. Software rewritten for 32-bit Windows
  2. Right click on a person or system symbol on the ecomap
    display now takes you directly to their information
  3. Added "Auto" Travel options - you can now sit and watch
    the ecomap automatically travel in time as a
    diagrammatic "motion picture" journey
  4. Ecomaps can now be titled.
  5. Added international date formats for all dating and time
    travel features and calculations
  6. Dates can now include "." and "-" as well as "/" for separators
  7. Added ability to choose a selected group of people and/or
    systems when generating chronology and member/system
    information reports and prints.
  8. Printing now sensitive to higher screen resolutions
  9. Software can now be configured to store information about
    families with more than 200 people.
  10. Two digit year handling updated
  11. Software Now handles "long" family names
  12. Changed group colors to more versatile and visible
    selections and added color indicators to group editing pages.
  13. New installation adds uninstall, 32-bit compatibility.
  14. Can select member/system by typing ID in Family Member/System List
  15. "Offset" indicators in status bar panes now sensitive to screen resolution
  16. Significant Connections can now accommodate full MM/DD/YYYY dates.
  17. Software now takes full advantage of computer's memory
  18. Several other minor adjustments...

The technical and clinical power of our software has increased, but, the prices have not!
For Current Price and Upgrade Information, see our Prices and Ordering Information Section.

Who uses our software?

Our genogram and ecomap software is currently in use throughout the U.S. and in at least 23 countries.

From Our Company Mission

Mission Statement:

WonderWare, Inc. is dedicated to the use of modern computer and information technologies to assist in a practical transformation that is occurring in the modes of thought and practice within our interpersonal and community realities, based on scientific and spiritual paradigm shifts brought about by the work of important scientists and philosophers in this century--most notably Albert Einstein (author of the theory of Relativity), Fritjof Capra, Murray Bowen (pioneer of the genogram), Ann Hartman (pioneer of the ecomap), Ed Friedman, Peter Steinke and other clergy, and relational and systems thinkers across many fields, including family psychology, sociology and social work, anthropology, ecology, and medicine, as well as physics and mathematics, philosophy, theology and others. These thinkers and scientists wanted their profound relational insights and explorations to be accessible to and grasped by all people, and their works have expanded and enlightened our awareness of the complex, dynamic and integrated wholeness of the universe, by process-oriented, perspective-taking, multidimensional, systemic and integrative modes of thinking.

Product Mission:

To develop, distribute and sell affordable, high quality, user friendly computer software that automatically creates graphical interpersonal process diagrams (such as genograms and ecomaps) from textual data. To provide technical support, and include documentation that is clear, useable and practically communicates the process-oriented and systemic mode of thinking they are meant to assist. To offer services that enhance global and local interpersonal communication and understanding using computer technology with social responsibility. To provide training products and services that promote the software, services and goals described above.

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Educational Discount Program

Institutions; we invite you to purchase our software for your students

Educational Institutions can purchase multiple copies of the student version for their classes and/or students. Please contact WonderWare, Inc. for ordering instructions

Know Wonder! Diagrams of the Universe in Families and Communities

"People travel to wonder at the height of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motion of the stars; and they pass by themselves without wondering." - St. Augustine
"A theory, to be worthy of the name, must be consistent with the universe, the planets, the tides and the seasons." - Murray Bowen

The universal process that inspires us to wonder when we look up at the glittering constellations visible to us in the night sky is evident in everything in the universe -- including people, families, communities and you!

Like a map of the distant constellations, and like the increasingly detailed molecular, atomic and subatomic models that scientists have constructed to show the forces, processes and structure that compose these constellations and all matter and energy that sustain them, so too, genograms are diagrams that reveal structure, components, forces in process, multidimensional relationships and bonds-- but in the family context--the matter and energy that is the stuff of family life in every place or era, in any space and time. A family genogram diagrams the interpersonal intergenerational system of a person and family.

The diagram of our solar system may be the first exposure of most people to a visual model of a dynamic system maintained by the mysterious active forces of matter and energy in self-sustaining relationship, but there is also the familiar concept of an ecosystem - a living system where matter and energy are exchanged in organized, meaningful and active balance and relatedness to sustain the miracle of life - be it in a pond, a forest, an interconnected living planet, or a human interpersonal community. Similalry, a community ecomap diagrams the social and interpersonal ecosystem of a person or family's community.

Diagrams and maps have long been powerful and necessary visual and conceptual aids to our ever increasing understanding of our universe, and have helped the planning, inspiration and success of our most important journeys, from early navigators' sails of unexpected discovery (often mentioned by Dr. Ed Friedman, see below), to our missions to the moon and neighboring planets, to our journeys within the nucleus of a cell. Einstein often used both simple and complex diagrams to depict the movement of matter and energy in dynamic relationship. Many people have seen time-lapsed weather maps and flow diagrams of our earth, maps and diagrams of star systems and galaxies, biological and ecological maps and diagrams of lake, shore and river and land-water-air relational systems, even diagrams and maps of the journey of DNA and RNA in a dividing or living cell. Genograms and ecomaps are very helpful and widely used conceptual diagrams of the social structures and processes of our living families and communities. Genograms and ecomaps can help us explore with wonder some of the journeys that are closest to our hearts and sense of meaning, journeys about which we care so much but often have such difficulty in visualizing in the heart's and mind's eye, and which are universally important for all human beings, families and communities.

About Genograms

A genogram is a flow diagram similar to a family tree that depicts family emotional and biological processes over generations. A standard format and symbols are used to depict not only names, dates and historical and medical life events, but also emotional relationships between and among members of families and their communities; for example, males are represented by squares, females by circles, marriages, pregnancies, deaths, households, birth order and many other life cycle events and arrangements are represented, as are emotional processes including conflict, closeness, distance emotional triangles, among others.

The use of genograms was pioneered by the late world famous family therapist Dr. Murray Bowen, who developed a theory, which he called natural systems theory, to help us understand the lives of people and families according to universal processes. Bowen's theory evolved in a climate of the work of many other theorists in what is commonly called the "systems" or "systemic" school of family theory, which itself grew out of general systems theory, which was being applied in many other fields from physics to anthropology and biology. There is a general philosophical truth that underpins systems theory. It is that whole and parts are not in strictly linear relationship, but mutually cause and effect each other because of the interactive process of being and change. In a nutshell, if the philosopher of linear cause and effect, Descartes said, "I think, therefore I am," then the philosophers of systems theory state "I relate, therefore I exist." There are many family theorists and schools of family therapy who have emphasized systemic and relational assessment and understanding, and often use genograms in their work and teaching. Today, genograms are an important part of most, if not all teaching of family systems theory, and many professors, students and practitioners alike are utilizing the abilities of computers to allow them to update, retrieve, and even yes, travel in the life and time of the family, in a systemic and relational way.

We at WonderWare, Inc. believe that Bowen's and others' systems theories of family relatedness are indeed consistent with the universe conceived by Albert Einstein and described by his Theory of Relativity. Whether in the physical/mathematical realm explored by Einstein, or emotional/biological realm explored by Bowen, both theories describe the same essential truth and paradigm shift. They guide us on an infinite journey of discovery and rediscovery: that relativity in process, in inseparable and eternally inter- related spacetime, creates and sustains all reality and that no reality exists without the interconnected yet unique relational processes of events in time described by relativity. We believe this is especially wondrous, universal and awe-inspiring in the human environment of the human family, which is itself the ongoing tree of many, many generations of relatives living in time, hence, the name for our genogram software.

About Ecomaps

"The ecological paradigm is supported by modern science, but it is rooted in a paradigm of reality that goes beyond the scientific framework to the awareness of the oneness of all life, the interdependence of its multiple manifestations, and its cycles of change and transformation. Ultimately, such deep ecological awareness is spiritual awareness." - Fritjof Capra

An ecomap is a flow diagram that maps family and community systems' process over time. In the 1970's, Dr. Ann Hartman, a social worker, applied the concept of an ecosystem to human communities to "focus on the complex ecological system that includes the family and the total environment." In order to help caregivers "capture and organize this complexity", she developed an innovative diagramming technique called the ecomap. The ecomap is essentially a diagram of a social "solar system", in which a family genogram is placed in the position of the sun, at the center, and other important people and institutions in their life space are depicted with circles around the center, like planets around the sun. The ecomap shows the exchange of the social matter with energy that maintains and is exchanged by the family in their living social "ecosystem". As with Bowen, Hartman's work evolved in a climate of the work of many other theorists working in what is commonly called the "systems" or "systemic" school of family theory, which in turn grew out of general systems theory, which was being applied in many other fields, from physics to anthropology and biology.

Einstein's concepts and achievements allowed us, wondering scientist and layperson alike, to begin to see and appreciate our solar system and indeed the entire universe in a new relational way. With the help of Bowen and Hartman's diagramming techniques, and through the work of many theorists, practitioners, and students, we are beginning to appreciate some of the same magnificient mystery of relationship and process as it unfolds in our families and communities. Hence the name for our ecomap product, ECOTIVITY(TM), combines the notion of a map of the living relatedness of an ecosystem with Einstein's universal concept of deeply and multidimensionally unified relationship, relativity, and it can be used interactively with our RELATIVITY(TM) genogram software as well.

The Web of Life, Rediscovering the Spirit of Living Systems

As the many settings in which our software is used reveal, the web of life that includes our human families and communities is remarkably complex and multidimensionally interconnected. It reveals itself in many contexts. Often, people attempting to make important decisions and interventions that affect others require interdisciplinary understanding, derived from multiple specialized sciences and professions sharing vantage points. A multiple systems, integrated and wholistic approach is increasingly valued in every context, for alert, informed human service. That is why many skilled medical doctors, in such prestigious centers as the National Institutes of Health, and institutions around the world, increasingly cite the importance of human support systems and spiritual communities of their patients as important factors in the health of the body, which is itself a complex and interactive system; it is why judges, attorneys, courts, police involved in station adjustments and parole and probation officers are increasing their awareness of and involvement with the mental, physical and social public health of the families and communities they serve; it is why schools are becoming more sensitized to family and interpersonal factors as keys to reducing violence and substance abuse as well as increasing motivation for learning; why professors and educators encourage not only within-discipline learning, but are more and more often engaged in at least some multi-disciplinary conferences and discussions with students over the Internet, and so on. The ability to view multiple interpersonal events and interconnected systems in some visual and interactive way, such as that provided by our flexible and dynamic genogram and ecomap software, is extremely helpful to assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation of the work done in any and all these contexts, and increases an attitude of ongoing interest and awareness.

In addition, genograms and ecomaps are both relevant to the spirit of communities, and the individuals and families that create good, viable and vibrant community. The late Dr. Edwin Friedman, author of the influential "Generation to Generation, Family Process in Church and Synagogue" and a clergyman with a large ecumenical following, pioneered the use of the genogram and intergenerational systems thinking as resources in natural settings that serve people in community, especially church, synagogue and other religious communities, which have long understood the importance of family and appreciating our ancestors. He also assisted in other natural settings concerned about the attitude, spirit, harmony, quality and progress of interactions of their members, such as consultant and work teams. As a result of his work, and that of those who have succeeded him, such as the Center for Family Process, Peter Steinke (author of "How Your Church Family Works") and others, now many clergical leaders and pastoral counselors of all denominations, as well as consultants concerned with principled and responsible interactions of people in their work lives, are using genograms; many are learning ecomaps as well, to assist the health, values, and best functioning of individuals, families, congregations, staff and communities they serve. Using our software in the context of their own traditions at theological and pastoral seminaries and communities, they are assisting believers and encouraging would-be believers to discover, rediscover, affirm and universalize timeless ethics and values, the sense of gratitude, awareness of the possibilities of redemption and presence of eternal connection; the ripple effect of the Golden Rule, and the seeking and finding of the process of good and God in the sacred, wonderful web of everyday family and community life. Because of the far more complete and extensive concept of the interconnectedness of the whole community over time that it allows, relativity allows us to rediscover that abuse, neglect, hatred, destructiveness, and exploitative domination are never necessary or good for human beings and are always best guided away from, healed, transcended and redeemed, while spiritual awareness, courageous patient leadership, indepth loving thinking, brother/sisterhood, kindness, justice, constructive service, and mutual respect are universally possible and good among human beings, and bring forth both redemption and reverent gratitude. This is a fitting, provident assist to any community's thinking, as we enter a new Millenium and century which mark humanity's collective good will in celebration of both the passage of time and the birth and ongoing rebirth of widespread awareness of the Golden Rule on earth.

About Families and Communities as Interpersonal Systems in Space and Time

How can one begin to perceive this wonderful web of life in action? Even as static one-time "snapshots", genograms and/or ecomaps can depict and aid understanding of the family and community life systems over generations or set time periods, and skilled users have long found them a great guide to assessing and assisting healing, personal growth, and conflict resolution. But families and communities are very dynamic; they alter in time; they have important processes and events, and even their membership and members - the people themselves - age, grow, heal, change, enter and depart, and influence each in various ways, directly as well as cumulatively. We at WonderWare, Inc. developed Multiprocess Time Travel, an additional feature of our software, designed to allow genogram and ecomap techniques to more easily, and indeed, more systemically, reflect the ongoing and living dynamics of family and community life over time. Now, by using computer-generated genograms and ecomaps and an updatable open database, we can travel from time to time in the life of both family and/or community context, and display genograms and ecomaps that reflect the important changes and developments of a family or community over time. We can even sit back and let the computer show the process unfolding before us in a diagrammatic motion picture journey. We discover some of the processes that underly what has been called "timing", "synchronicity", "connection" and "perhaps even action at a distance". We can better envision, and at least humbly, partially observe the universal complexity of which all families are a part. Conceptually, we can interactively combine either or both the genogram and ecomap diagram techniques with the Einsteinian understanding of the relational matrix of events and time. Now, one can bring genograms and ecomaps to "life"; better representing real life which is inherently dynamic, multidimensional in relationship and perspective, and unfolding.

Einstein said that during his tumultuous century, "we have changed everything" except "our modes of thinking". Now, as befitting our transition to a new Millenium, we can finally assist our modes of thinking about our interpersonal universe, and discovery the relational unity and ultimate spiritual connection of the experiences of our lives with the relational integrity of the universe in which we live and wonder.

As We, the Children of the Universe, begin the new Millenium and century, we can scarcely enter this next epoch without encountering the true and deeply human, humane, scientific yet spiritual legacy of not only Einstein's pioneering concepts of dynamic relatedness that was called relativity, but the relativity of many relational systems theorists in many fields which help us perceive relational, process-in-time and interactive awareness. Certainly, a grand theory of everything must include the interpersonal and social-biological as well as the interstellar, and will one day in the future unite our wondering awareness of the complex interactive and ongoing processes of matter and energy with the wondrous and mutually creative aspects of all events, from biology, and ecology, to the events of family and community. Systemic awareness ultimately brings or returns us to religious, ethical and spiritual awareness. We invite you, your family and your community to celebrate and contemplate the wonder we experience as we live in this eternal journey in time and space.

" describe how the concepts space, time and event can be put psychologically into relation with serve the purpose of bringing experiences into relation with each other. so that in this way they can be better surveyed"
- Albert Einstein, on the purpose of the concept and philosophy of relativity

Everyone's Einstein Mailing List

Everyone's Einstein is an electronic discussion inspired by Einstein's Ideas on the Global Community. Albert Einstein and his colleagues' ideas about the universe changed our thinking forever and are still changing it, and people everywhere seek to better understand his thoughts, and integrate his creativity, imaginativeness and philosophical insights with their own, as we begin this new century and millennium. The purpose of this discussion is to learn and share our own thoughts about Einstein's life, his wife Mileva Maric-Einstein, and their family, their struggles and failures as well as genius and triumphs, their ideas on humankind and its welfare and future, their life and times as their ideas changed and developed, and what their ideas have in common with the thoughts of other thinkers and ourselves, as we attempt to improve the human condition and our understanding of the universe. Special focus will be on the Einstein-Maric love letters, the writings regarding human rights, creativity and imagination, peace, global cooperation based on respect for the individual, the wonder of nature and the universe as we consider the role of humanity in it, and what other theorists, theologians, philosophers and everyday people share and say about Einsteinian thinking, as well.

While this is not mainly a forum for discussing Einstein's math and physics, messages about the impact of Einsteinian and post-Einsteinian physics on religion, spiritual awareness, and our understanding of the cosmos and our place in it are welcome. It is especially hoped that this discussion will bring together a wide and diverse audience, from laypersons to physicists interested in promoting lay understanding of Einstein, to men and women involved in behavioral and social services, humanities, history and international relations, people interested in the Einstein-Maric love letters and their children, to thoughtful and interested high school and college students, because of the Einsteins' special thoughts on education and youth, and others.

To subscribe:

send e-mail to:
with the message: SUB EINSTEIN-L (your name)

in the body of the text.

In Living Dedication

Hearts and Minds in Our Space, Our Time,
Our Community

To all our kindred spirit brothers and sisters of ongoing
related collaboration - past, present and future

For more information about any of the above, please contact:

WonderWare, Inc.
2706 Randolph Rd.
Silver Spring, MD. 20902

Know Wonder!