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Genograms and Ecomaps As Best Practice

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Standards for Effective Practice / Intake Investigative Services Public Children's Services Association of Ohio
Best Practice pdf, British Isles
Genograms and Ecomaps, The Calgary Family Assessment Model, Canada
Early Intervention, Family Practice in Australia
Family Intervention in Spain

...These are just a few among thousands of worldwide citations of genograms and ecomaps as best and essential tools of family care and practice. ..More coming soon!

Child and Family Policy

The Clearinghouse on Interntional Development in Child, Youth and Family Policies
Strengthening The Family - Implications for International Development
The Family Network (Canada)

Global, International, National, Regional Practice Organizations

IFTA - The International Family Therapy Association

EFTA - The European Family Therapy Association

EFTA - The European Family Therapy Association links to various national organizations

Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy

Hungarian Family Therapy Association

Norwegian Family Therapy Assoication

Institute of Family Therapy - England

AFTA - The American Family Therapy Academy

AAMFT - American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy

NCFR - National Council on Family Relations

Collaborative Family Healthcare Coalition

American Psychological Association Family Division

American Psychological Association Child Youth and Family Services Division

National Resource Center for Family Centered Practice at the University of Iowa

American Counseling Association

Center for Family Process

The Bowen Center for Family Therapy/Georgetown Family Center

The Center For The Study Of Natural Systems And The Family

Leadership in Ministry

The Multicultural Family Institute

The North Shore Counseling Center - Vancouver, BC

The Syracuse Family Center

The Western Pennsylvania Family Center

The Ackerman Institute for the Family

Family Process Institute and Journal

AVANTA - The Virginia Satir Network

Center for Creative Growth

Harriet Lerner

The Coalition for Marriage, Family and Couples Education

Center for the Partnership Way

EarthStewards - Essential Peacemaking for Women and Men

Systemic Modes of Thinking
The Center for Visionary Leadership's Best Practices Project

Family and Community Systems

The Intergenerational Natural Systems Theory of the Family work begun by Murray Bowen

The Family-Community System in Interaction work begun by Ann Hartman
Mattaini, M. A., & Meyer, C. H. (in press). The ecosystems perspective. In M. A. Mattaini & C. T. Lowery (Eds.), The foundations of social work practice

The work begun by Margaret Mead, Rianne Eisler and other Anthropologists, as well as Sociologists and Psychologists, on Female and Male Gender, Marriage, Family and Society as Living System, and its contribution to our everyday understanding of marriage and family, work, education, recreation, and community, religious, civic and political participation, and the personal contribution to democracy and peace

The Nature of Patterns of Communication work begun by Gregory Bateson:

Religious/Spiritual/Work/Societal Community as Natural or Whole System work of Ed Friedman, Fritjof Capra and others:

Relational and Systemic Time, Relativity, Synchronicity, Action at a Distance, Teleology, and 21st Century Changes in Expectations of Life Cycle/Life Span on Earth and With Space Exploration

The Male and Female Genders and Systems

Gender relations and macro political and economic systems:
Families as Peacemakers: A Study of Activist Couples, paper. United Nations University for Peace Symposium, July 1987. at,3604,952106,00.html

Gender Relations and Family Theory/Therapy:

Feminist Family Therapy

Walsh, F., & Scheinkman, M. (1989). (Fe)male: The hidden gender dimension in models of family therapy. In M. McGoldrick, C. M. Anderson, & F. Walsh, i.e. at

Gender and Bowen Theory - Roberta B. Holt, DSW

The Facts of Life: The Impact Of Relationships On Sex And Reproduction

Birth Order Complementarity, Marital Interaction, and Marital Satisfaction.

Re-Visioning Family Therapy : Race, Culture and Gender in Clinical Practice by Monica McGoldrick (Editor)

Gender Relations as an Aspect of Nature-Nurture-Universal Systems