Know Wonder!

Why WonderWare?

WonderWare Inc. offers software with several benefits we feel are of unique and wonderful interest to you:

  1. Creates standard genograms and ecomaps - understood worldwide.
  2. Diagrams generated, updated, recreated, displayed automatically from your input.
  3. Multiprocess Time Travel to depict process and help imagine future.
  4. Genograms and Ecomaps can be used in symphony with each other or separately.
  5. Gender balanced, family-work balanced vision and co-stewardship.
  6. Win/win, cooperative and collaborative ethic and spirit.
  7. Caring, free product support.
  8. You, and your global co-stewardship of therapeutic wonder.

1. First, these software programs efficiently and easily create excellent, neat, clear and informative family genograms and community ecomaps, the standard and globally understood process diagrams that illustrate human nature and nurture in interaction together as a coherent and natural system - the important psychosociobiographical structural, relational and event details in a life, family and community situation. They use standard psycho-social symbols, can illustrate countless generations, and spans of time from a day to years to decades, to centuries, to millennia... Our software is in use throughout the United States and in at least 23 countries. Genograms and ecomaps speak to the infinite diversity and yet in-common realities of all familes and communities.

2. Second, the diagrams are created, updated and recreated automatically, using a convenient, quick, easy to use, updatable database that is instantly accessible from the diagram itself. Instant generation allows clinician and client more time to feel and think together, at any point in time. Starting with our early DOS versions and now for Windows, WonderWare, Inc. pioneered to make this, and indeed, genogram production itself, possible for the many clinicians using IBM compatible computers ("PC's"), and most current generations of MAC computers equipped with Windows emulation can now also use the software.

3. Third, the philosophy and design of the software, especially our Multiprocess Time Travel features, fully enable the user to grasp more of the natural living possibilities and positive potentials of human healing and growth in any situation, as we travel in process, in interpersonal space and time. By their very nature, genograms and ecomaps are diagrams that refer to dynamic organic process, and are meant to generate an awareness of the dynamic life system. But the difficulty and inconvenience of creating them can limit even process diagrams to be misinterpreted or limited to static snapshots that express past and present well, leaving the user with no means to visually anticipate and flexibly convey the ongoing dynamic aspect, including hopes and possibilities for the future. Instead, WonderWare software brings the user's dynamic awareness of the system to life, linking the interactive past, present and potential future. Shared hope, teleological vision and imagination become important, and often curative, along with multidimensional knowledge. With these software programs, one gets as many snapshots of process over time as one wishes for a case record or journal; but now one can also model, and even sit back and watch, the dynamic, systemic "movie". Our pioneering Multiprocess Time Travel and other time and chronology features literally teach a family and caregiver the sense that systems dynamically co-create and unfold. This dynamic Big Picture enables us to better sense a caring connectedness and Spirit always present, as we literally see, in our mind's eye assisted by the computer, the healing possibilities of family and community life, and our own unique possibilities in it. We can not only read our life's map, but imagine and co-imagine it, allowing our positive goals and vision to guide our actual relational stories as they unfold, with a greater awareness of how our own positive and enlightened behavior impacts both the individual self and the interconnected system as a living whole.

4. Fourth, while they may be used independently if the user wishes, the dynamic genograms and ecomaps can be used rapidly in conjunction with each other, (even on the same screen if the user employs multiple windows!) whenever the user desires to depict the whole and interactive family and community. WonderWare, Inc. has uniquely pioneered the integrated use of both genogram and ecomap dynamic software, in a way that allows easy on-screen viewing and integration of both of these related techniques for more interactive understanding of the human life system over time. Often one can survey and discover that uniquely creative synergies and providences exist in family/community life, and caregivers can perceive, mutually assist and tap into great resources that co-exist between and among the family and community. Using both an interactive genogram and ecomap in concert can convey, and ensure a fuller exploration, of this multiply linked and yet creative, wonderful open matrix. Thus, the software is a tool that we hope can make prevention, healing, health and even social and spiritual insight a more navigable journey. The creative experience of the family and caregiver who travel together are empowered by having it at their fingertips as a periodic interpersonal and developmental reference map to the unique yet wondrously universal community, family and life.

5. Fifth, WonderWare, Inc. is currently the only living relational family and community systems software endeavor equally co-founded and co-stewarded by male and female in equal and mutual loving partnership, indeed as husband and wife. Because it is oriented to help the families of our world, (which are made naturally by and of males and females both!) we believe it is important that this work originated in a family context, a context where gender is valued and balanced, and where family and work are organically integrated and not disjointed or alienated from each other. Our ethic is to balance and integrate love and work, and our presence also encourages other men and women to creatively cooperate in non-exploitative win/win equality and right livelihood work to benefit the human family and meet real needs of the community, and to transform many workplaces toward this awareness and model. We stand as an example of something important in the creative-productive-while-family-friendly culture, something we feel is needed in our world, and now quite feasible, because of great advances in technology. We believe technology should and will ultimately be used humbly to honor and liberate the humanity, cooperation, loving spirit and potential of all people, male and female, of all heritages, ages, times and places. When offering service at that level and for that goal, technology realizes its higher purpose for life.

6. Sixth, by keeping our operational costs at minimum, we keep our prices low for students and educators, dedicated caregivers, and affordable to everyone. The income generated is used to steward the work with full commitment and focus, something which we feel spiritually and socially befits a mission that often involves in-depth thought and communication with various communities of caregivers around a world in need of both healing and prevention. Our work and spirit emphasizes kindred spirit, win/win cooperation, and a sense of community and collaboration among all caregivers and systemic thinkers, with the practical dedication, communication and innovation to make this productive of useful quality and whole meaning. Our work expresses a very large and uniting universal vision, and we want to be sure that the genius of insight made possible by genograms and ecomaps, the techniques for preparing them, and the results that can be gained from their use, are taken very seriously, yet with profound humility, wonder and service orientation by all professions and people of all backgrounds, and by world culture. We are dedicated to building and growing the mindset, culture, global linkages, and infrastructure to be sure this will be the case for now and for the future of the 21st century and beyond. We have faith that we can assist our many kindred spirits to work together to bring this benefit to people everywhere.

7. Seventh, our product support is free and given with good listening, good humor and commitment to the user. We never forget that the result of our technical help can be the deepest personal or clinical insight. We enjoy and care about people, and are committed to that spirit in our technical work as itself an aspect of community. We recognize that technology itself is an expression of the human and the wonderful, and can and will come to convey the caring, whole and creative Spirit that makes it possible and meaningful.

8. Eighth, we want You to keep in touch with us, and know that you are part of a great and caring community that is making the world a better place for all our human family and community. We periodically update our software, and have many ideas for improvements, implementations, research, and so on. We especially welcome feedback, and rely on caregiver and user input as a critical part of an ongoing development process that serves the larger service and human process. The possibilities discovered thus far are themselves part of an exciting synergy toward understanding, that likely depends on all of us as unique individuals from dispersed places, yet kindred spirits. We are working to bring about a uniting and awakening of of all people working in this area, to combine and fulfill shared good will to assist enlightened care and training everywhere. Our software is is use in at least 24 countries - around the world. We welcome You, as we all, worldwide, work together for the good of all our human family... as a living part of the blessed, magnificent, mysterious yet navigable, multidimensionally related universe that is ours to find, and help others discover wonderful. In our and every space and time. Know Wonder!

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